Nesting Moving Plastic Box WL-460

Nesting Moving Plastic Box WL-460

The stackable lockable secure crates replace environmentally unfriendly and unsecure cardboard cartons. Crates are supplied to all stall members in which to pack files, folders, stuff and the contents of their offices and workstations.

Crate Specification:

  • Size: 600x420x460mm
  • Capacity : About 90L
  • Single loading capacity: 50kgs – 80kgs
  • Static loading capacity: 150kgs – 200kgs
  • Material: 100% Virgin
  • Structure: Stacking and nesting




OEM Big Volume Stacking and Nesting Moving Plastic Box For Sale
Plastic Box Specification:

1. Size: 600x420x460mm
2. Material: PP, both recycled PP or virgin PP is ok
3. .More than 80kgs loading

Plastic Box Description

Name Plastic Box
Size 600x420x460mm
Loading Capacity More than 80kgs
Material Virgin or Rcycled PP
Logo Sticker or printing logo is available
Packing Stackable in bulk,
Color Any color is available,or you could choose black base with color lid
Use Widely used for storaging clothes,files,tools,etc.
Use Place Clothes store,Storage company,office,moving company,etc
Quality Super quality
Lid The lid are separated,and can be removed.
OEM We’d like to produce any new product base on customer requirement


Plastic Box Features

1.The lid are separated,and can be removed.

2. Multiple crates of the same kind can be stacked

3. Logo and Color can be accoding to customer need

4. Nestable and stackable to save plenty of room.

  • No need to assemble boxes and worry about tape.
  • Numbered security tags seal the crate and provide a security seal.
  • Easy to use hardwearing interlocking lid.
  • Stackable and collapse proof.
  • Crates are placed on skates, which eliminates heavy lifting from the workplace.
  • Skates have a option of braking mechanism to prevent slides.
  • Skates are made with anti-mark wheels.

More options:

  • Color: Could be done as RAL number such as blue, red, green, gray and orange etc…
  • Logo: Customized logo is available including engrave logo, screen printing logo and sticker logo
  • Sample: We would like to provide sample for testing
  • Certificate: With MSDS certificate
  • OEM: We could to be OEM to produce new design and new products


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